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"Inferno" Super Battle Mech Brick Set (470 Pcs + Instructions)


"Inferno" Super Battle Mech Brick Set

You put it together! Includes 470 pieces and instructions for this incredible MOC.

Inferno was a sight to behold. Its massive frame towered over everything else on the battlefield, its red gleaming armor catching the light and reflecting it back in dazzling bursts. The surface was etched with intricate designs, each line and curve a testament to the incredible engineering that had gone into creating it. But it wasn't just its size and appearance that made it so fearsome. It was the sheer power that lay within.

Its systems hummed with energy, the sound almost like a living thing. Every movement it made was smooth and precise. Its armaments were a marvel of technology, each one designed to obliterate anything that stood in its way.

The giant laser rifle was gripped tightly in it’s metallic hand. It glowed with an otherworldly light, the energy within it almost visible to the naked eye. The beam it emitted was so powerful that it could cut through even the thickest armor with ease.

The beam saber attached to its back pack was equally impressive. Its blade was made of a pure energy plasma, and the hilt was encrusted with precious gems that glinted in the light. When it was activated, the saber let out a high-pitched whine, the blade erupting from the hilt with a flash of pink light.

But it wasn't just the weapons that made Inferno so formidable. It was the speed and agility that it possessed. Its booster pack allowed it to leap great distances in a single bound, and its shoulder-mounted shield could deflect even the most powerful attacks. Its sensors were so advanced that it could track multiple targets at once, and its AI was programmed to analyze battle data in real-time, constantly updating its tactics and strategy.

And then there was Hana. She was the missing piece of the puzzle, the element that brought it all together. She was a warrior born, with a natural talent for combat that was almost uncanny. Her reflexes were lightning-fast, and her instincts were razor-sharp. She had been chosen for the Inferno project for a reason, and she knew that she had a responsibility to live up to the expectations that had been placed upon her.

Hana had grown up in a world ravaged by war, a world where death and destruction were constant companions. The streets of her hometown were littered with rubble and debris, and the air was thick with the stench of smoke and burning flesh. She had seen things that no child should ever have to see, things that would haunt her for the rest of her days.

But despite the horrors that surrounded her, Hana had always refused to give up. She had clung to the hope that someday, somehow, things would get better. And when she was chosen to be the pilot of Inferno, it felt like her prayers had finally been answered.

As she sat in the cockpit, Hana felt a sense of awe wash over her. The controls were familiar, almost like an extension of her own body, and the systems hummed with a familiar energy that made her heart sing. She felt invincible, like nothing in the world could touch her.

But as she marched towards an enemy encampment, the reality of the situation hit her like a ton of bricks. The world around her was a wasteland, a desolate landscape of rubble and ruin. And as she leaped over the remains of what had once been a thriving city, she felt a deep sadness well up inside her.

She had always known that war was brutal, that it left nothing but destruction in its wake. But seeing the devastation firsthand was a whole other level of pain. It was like the world had been stripped of all its color, all its beauty, and all that was left was a never-ending sea of grey.

The mech roared, its engines sending up plumes of dust and debris. Hana gripped the controls tightly, feeling the rush of power as the machine headed towards battle. The sound of its booster pack filled her ears.

The enemy mechs were like a pack of ravenous beasts, their metallic bodies glinting in the harsh light of the sun. They were fast, nimble, and their weapons were deadly. Hana knew that she would have to be on her guard if she wanted to survive this battle.

She swung Inferno around, bringing her giant laser rifle to bear. The weapon crackled with energy as she pulled the trigger, sending a searing beam of light streaking towards the enemy. It struck true, vaporizing one of the smaller mechs in a burst of flame and shrapnel.

But the rest of the enemy were undeterred. They swarmed around her like a pack of hyenas, their weapons hammering away at her shields. Hana gritted her teeth, her hands moving across the controls with lightning speed as she dodged and weaved, returning fire whenever she could.

It was a furious dance, a deadly game of cat and mouse played out on the ground. Hana's heart pounded in her chest as she fought, her mind focused solely on the task at hand. She was a warrior, a guardian, a defender of all that was good and right in the world. And she would not let her people down.

But even as she fought, Hana couldn't help but feel a sense of sadness wash over her. She knew that every time she pulled the trigger, every time she unleashed the full fury of Inferno's arsenal, she was taking another life. She was sending another soul into the void, another family into mourning.

It was a heavy burden to bear, but Hana knew that it was necessary. She was the shield that protected her people, the beacon of hope that shone through the darkness. And so she fought on, through the pain, through the sorrow, through the never-ending cycle of war and death.

Inferno's giant laser rifle continued to hum, a beam of pure energy lancing out towards the enemy. Hana's eyes followed the path of the beam, watching as it tore through the ranks of the smaller mechs, sending them flying in all directions.

But there were more coming, and Hana knew that she couldn't rely on the rifle alone. She reached for the beam saber, unsheathing it from its place on the mech’s back. The weapon glowed with a fierce pink light, its edge powerful enough to cut through even the toughest armor.

As Hana drew the beam saber, she couldn't help but think of her past. She remembered the day when she had lost everything, the day when the war had come to her doorstep and ripped her life apart. It had been a sunny day, much like this one, and she had been playing outside with her little sister when the first bombs had fallen.

Hana had tried to protect her sister, had tried to shield her from the blast, but it had been no use. Her sister had been torn from her arms in an instant, leaving Hana alone in a world that had suddenly become hostile and cruel.

The beam saber hummed in the Inferno’s hand, a reminder of all that she had lost, all that she had been forced to give up in the name of war. But Hana couldn't afford to dwell on her past, not now, not when the enemy was closing in.

She charged forward, her booster pack flaring to life as she closed the distance between herself and the enemy. The smaller mechs darted around her, their movements quick and erratic, but Hana was faster. She swung the beam saber in a wide arc, slicing through the enemy with ease.

But even as she fought, Hana couldn't help but feel the weight of her actions. She had never wanted this life, this endless cycle of violence and death. All she had ever wanted was peace, to be able to live her life without fear or worry.

But that dream seemed further away than ever now. The war raged on, and there seemed to be no end in sight. Hana wondered if she would ever be able to put down her weapons, if she would ever be able to live a normal life again.

Another mech reach her and was met with a swift slash from the saber, its cockpit exploding in a shower of sparks. Hana twisted and turned, dodging incoming fire and slicing through the enemy with ease. Her movements were fluid and graceful, almost like a dance, and each strike was accompanied by a deafening boom that echoed across the battlefield.

But there were too many of them, and Hana knew that she needed to end this quickly. She reached for the hip-mounted missiles, firing them off in rapid succession. The missiles streaked towards the enemy, exploding on impact and sending up huge plumes of smoke and fire.

As the missiles launched from Inferno's hips, Hana could feel the heat radiating off the weapons. She watched as the projectiles soared through the air, leaving behind a trail of smoke and fire in their wake. Each missile was like a miniature sun, exploding on impact and sending shrapnel flying in every direction.

The enemy mechs were caught off guard, their sensors overwhelmed by the sudden barrage. Hana grinned triumphantly as she watched them scatter, their movements panicked and erratic.

She shifted Inferno's weight, bringing the shield up to protect herself from any incoming fire. She could hear the whine of the enemy mechs' weapons charging, and she knew that they were about to launch a counterattack.

The first shots rang out, slamming into Inferno's shield with enough force to send Hana stumbling backwards. But she held on, gritting her teeth as she absorbed the impact. The shield crackled with energy, barely holding together under the barrage.

Hana knew that she couldn't last much longer. Her enemies were too numerous, too relentless. But she refused to give up, refused to let them defeat her. She brought Inferno's booster pack to life, rocketing forward and leaving a trail of smoke behind her.

The enemy mechs tried to follow her, but they were too slow. Hana weaved through their ranks, her beam saber flashing as she cut them down one by one. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, the adrenaline surging through her veins.

The last few enemy mechs retreated, their battered frames limping back towards their base. Hana watched them go, her eyes narrowing as she scanned the battlefield for any other threats. She had just emerged from a fierce battle, but she was already preparing for the next.

Inferno had been her companion for months now, an extension of herself as they moved across the battlefield in perfect synchrony. Hana's fingers twitched on the controls as she took stock of the mech's remaining weapons. The giant laser rifle was spent, its power cells drained from the last barrage. The beam saber was still functional, its glowing blade a constant source of light. And the hip-mounted missiles had been expended, leaving Inferno with only its booster pack and shoulder-mounted shield.

The enemy were regrouping for another attack. Hana felt a sense of unease settle over her as she contemplated the coming battle. She knew that she was outnumbered, that the enemy was preparing to launch a full-scale assault. But she refused to let fear cloud her judgment. Instead, she set her jaw and focused on the task at hand.

As the enemy mechs came into view, Hana felt a surge of adrenaline course through her veins. She watched as they swarmed towards her like a pack of wild animals, their weapons firing in unison. Hana brought up the shield, using it to deflect the incoming fire.

Hana could feel the heat radiating off it, the strain on the power cells as they struggled to keep up with the constant barrage. But she refused to let up, refused to give the enemy an inch.

Inferno's booster pack kicked into life, sending the mech rocketing towards the enemy lines. Hana closed the distance, the enemy mechs growing larger and more detailed with each passing moment. She swung the beam saber in a wide arc, slicing through dozens of mechs as if they were made of paper.

The remaining mechs turned to face her, their weapons charging for a final, desperate attack. Hana grinned ferociously, her eyes glinting with determination. She knew that this was the moment she had been waiting for, the moment when she would prove her worth as a warrior.

The battle raged on, Hana and Inferno cutting through the enemy lines with a precision born of long practice. The sound of metal on metal filled the cockpit, the impact of the beam saber ringing out like a bell. Hana could feel her heart pounding in her chest, the sweat trickling down her back as she battled on.

And then, suddenly, it was over. The last of the enemy mechs fell to the ground, their smoking hulks a testament to Hana's skill and Inferno's power. Hana sat back in the cockpit, her chest heaving with exhaustion, but her spirit soaring with triumph.

As she made her way back to base, Hana couldn't help but smile. She knew that there would be more battles, more fights to be won. But for now, she was content to revel in her victory, to bask in the glow of her hard-fought success. And with Inferno at her side, she knew that nothing could stand in her way. You can buy the Inferno mech brick set now, quickly and conveniently, by using this direct checkout link. 


Product Specifications:

  • Pieces: 470
  • Size: Standard 
  • Shipping Time: 2-4 Weeks
  • Packaging: No Box
  • Instructions: Paper Instructions Included
  • Age: 12+