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*Freefall (6-in-1) Mech Bricks Set Model - 901 Pcs
*Freefall (6-in-1) Mech Bricks Set Model - 901 Pcs
*Freefall (6-in-1) Mech Bricks Set Model - 901 Pcs
*Freefall (6-in-1) Mech Bricks Set Model - 901 Pcs

Freefall (6-in-1) Mech Bricks Set Model - 901 Pcs


One of the lesser known (and certainly lesser seen) mechs created, PROJECT FREEFALL NOLIFYER  - shortened colloquially to just “Freefall”, is one of the most unique designs ever successfully implemented.

There are rumors abound who actually invented Freefall. Some say the Swiss army secretly ordered construction, while others assume some anonymous billionaire commissioned the technology. Usually found in central Europe patrolling the wilderness, the big mystery surrounding Freefall is that no one has ever actually seen it cause any destruction; while it is very well equipped for such, the small, lightweight mech only shows up for nonlethal neutralizing.

Adding to the mystery is that Freefall is unpiloted. With the most advanced AI technology in the world, Freefall is completely self-sufficient and only requires remote control to start up and shut down. Both arms are equipped with water cannons for putting out fires, as well as subzero coolant tanks for immobilizing enemy combatants. As such, Freefall can survive in nearly any environment and is completely waterproof. Wings behind the cannons are capable of unfolding for use as short range weaponry. On its back are two large power storage banks equipped with cooling fans; these fans have been used for the unexpected purpose of dispelling dangerous gases. Perhaps the most often used weapon in its arsenal is not a weapon at all; rather, it engages a magnet on targeted areas of its body that can strip a gun out of enemies' hands and can disengage for safety at will. When this mech arrives on any battle scene it immediately launches into action, disabling weaponry at almost unmatchable speeds and minimizing potential harm to humans and property. As such, Freefall is considered to be the only truly Neutral mech in existence. Whether by design or due to a flaw in the software is currently unknown.

Aiding in said peacekeeping ability is that Freefall is able to reroute its mechanics to change form based on current need. Not only does this mean weaponry and non-load bearing pieces can relocate for such purposes as strategically placed armor or improved accuracy with weapons. but it is also capable of flight at speeds rivaling that of modern fighter jets, with one of its most impressive abilities being reconstruction into small emergency escape vehicles. By inverting certain joints and maneuvering its body, this mech can change form to become a dogfighting style miniplane, four-wheel drive land rover, ATV, and air tight submersible glider. With each iteration, weapons are redistributed over the back and sides, allowing for such that when flying, the wings can fold back so projectiles may be fired from the sidearms; when land roving, air propulsion is rerouted over the back to aide in speedy escapes; in ATV mode, frost cannons are primed and can swivel 360 degrees. Using these forms Freefall can affectively disguise itself, battle with extreme efficiency, and preform rescues at great speeds.


  • Pieces: 901
  • Size: Standard (Lego Compatible)
  • Shipping Time: 2-4 Weeks
  • Packaging: No Box
  • Instructions: Paper Instructions Included
  • Age: 12+