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"Frostfire" White Dragon Mech Mini-Model (142 PCS)


Frostfire was once a revered member of the Ice Dragon clan, living among the frozen peaks of the Northern Mountains. Born with an exceptional control over the cold, he could breathe blasts of icy wind that would freeze anything it touched. The Ice Dragon clan valued strength and power above all else, and Frostfire quickly became known as one of the strongest of his kind.

But Frostfire's strength soon drew the attention of a rival clan of Fire Dragons, whose territory lay to the south. The Fire Dragons were jealous of the Ice Dragons' control over the frozen tundras, and saw Frostfire as a threat to their supremacy. They launched a surprise attack on the Ice Dragon clan, setting the peaks ablaze with their fiery breath.

Frostfire leapt into action, unleashing his icy winds to counter the flames of the Fire Dragons. But he was outnumbered, and despite his best efforts, the Ice Dragon clan was soon overpowered. Frostfire was forced to flee, wounded and alone.

He spent years wandering the tundras, seeking out other dragons who shared his hatred of the Fire Dragons. Eventually, he came across a group of White Dragons, who had also been hunted and persecuted by the Fire Dragons. Together, they formed a pact to take revenge on their enemies.

Frostfire led the charge, using his mastery over the cold to freeze the Fire Dragons' flames and bring them to their knees. In the final battle, he faced off against the Fire Dragon leader in a fierce one-on-one battle, eventually emerging victorious. The Fire Dragons were driven from the land, and Frostfire became a legend among dragons, feared and respected for his mastery over the cold. You can buy the Frostfire mech brick set now, quickly and conveniently, by using this direct checkout link. 

  • Pieces: 142
  • Size: Standard 
  • Shipping Time: 2-4 Weeks
  • Packaging: No Box
  • Instructions: Paper Instructions Included
  • Age: 12+



Tracking is not available for this product unless ordered with another set.