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"Inferno" Super Battle Mech Brick Set (470 Pcs + Instructions)


You put it together! Includes 470 pieces 

Among the four mechs, there was one that stood out: Inferno. Its pilot, Sergeant Marcus Jones, had been assigned to the mech as part of his elite training program. He was determined to use his skills and Inferno's surprising abilities to defeat the enemy and protect his country.

Inferno was unlike any other mech in the unit. It had a blaster cannon that fired a powerful burst of plasma energy, and a shoulder shield that was nearly impenetrable. But its most surprising ability was its agility. Inferno was able to move quickly and nimbly, dodging enemy fire and striking back with deadly accuracy.

As the battle raged on, Jones and Inferno took on wave after wave of enemy forces. They moved swiftly through the battlefield, taking out enemy soldiers and tanks with ease. But the enemy had brought out their own advanced weapons, and it wasn't long before Jones and Inferno found themselves in a tight spot.

A squad of enemy mechs had ambushed them, firing off a barrage of missiles that rained down on Inferno's shoulder shield. Jones tried to maneuver the mech out of harm's way, but one missile managed to get through, knocking Inferno off balance and sending it tumbling to the ground.

Jones knew that he and Inferno were in trouble. The enemy mechs were closing in, their weapons at the ready. But then, Inferno's surprising abilities came into play. With a burst of energy, Inferno sprang back to its feet, its blaster cannon firing off a series of powerful shots that took out the enemy mechs one by one.

Jones couldn't believe it. Inferno had never moved like that before, and he realized that the mech had been holding back its full potential. With a renewed sense of determination, Jones and Inferno charged back into battle, taking on the enemy forces with everything they had.

In the end, the battle was won. The enemy had been defeated, and Washington DC was safe. Jones and Inferno emerged as heroes, celebrated for their bravery and skill on the battlefield. Jones knew that he owed it all to Inferno, the mech that had surprised him time and time again with its incredible abilities.

As he climbed out of the cockpit and stood before the cheering crowd, Jones couldn't help but smile. He knew that he and Inferno would always be remembered as the defenders of the capital, the heroes who had saved their country from certain doom.


  • Pieces: 470
  • Size: Standard (LEGO® & MEGA® Compatible)
  • Shipping Time: 2-4 Weeks
  • Packaging: No Box
  • Instructions: Paper Instructions Included
  • Age: 12+