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"Old Ironsides" Mech Brick Set Model (512 Pieces)


"Old Ironsides" Mech Building Bricks Set

Commissioned by the Pentagon with vigorous oversight, no one could believe that America would deploy any mech but near perfect. Piloted by various members of U.S. Special Forces, this team is dead by Captain James McKinley. James McKinley is a decorated combat veteran and former Naval Captain. Trained for years in Mechanized Combat of every form, Captain McKinley is currently the most seasoned and decorated pilot in the country.

One of the largest and heaviest mechs ever produced, Old Ironsides towers over the competition and enemy combatants are known to flee on sight. Something this mech has in common with its namesake is that neither are actually made of iron; though much more expensive and rust-proof metal alloys are used, the name rings just as true as it did for the ship: Extra care was taken to make sure bullets of all sizes would bounce right off. Old Ironsides is capable of withstanding blasts lesser mechs would be folded by.

Painted good old red and white, a bright blue light shines out of the eyes and through its signature weapon, a retractable electric/magnetic baton almost as durable as the body and capable of changing shape while still retaining form, as well as sending blasts of electricity able to short out most vehicles upon contact. Old Ironsides has two guns mounted on either side. These are top of the line weaponry stopping even the heaviest mechs in their tracks. Attached to its back are sonic cannons, able to clear a space full of tanks and lesser mechs in several seconds. If needed, Old Ironsides is said to be strong enough to lift almost as much as the weight of the ship it is named for. One punch can knock a tank in two.

October 21, 1797. The date one of the most famous naval ships in all of U.S. history was launched: The USS Constitution. She set sail for battle and has remained a seaworthy vessel for over 250 years. A 44-gun frigate, she was actually known to carry more than 50 at a time; though she no longer participates in military activities, all of the original construction has been preserved as much as possible to keep her afloat. She gained her nickname from her triple oak wood hull that cannonballs tended to bounce off of, giving her the appearance that she was indestructible. Thus, one can conclude that a piece of modern machinery having been named in honor of such a feat of military technology must be an incredible invention indeed.

They would be correct.

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Product Specifications:

  • Pieces: 512
  • Size: Standard
  • Shipping Time: 2-4 Weeks
  • Packaging: No Box
  • Instructions: Paper Instructions Included
  • Age: 12+