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"Shadow Blade" Super Battle Mech Brick Set (489 Pcs + Instructions)


"Shadow Blade" Super Battle Mech Brick Set

489 Pieces + Instructions. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 


The city streets were veiled in darkness as Emily, the pilot of the renowned mech Shadow Blade, patrolled the urban labyrinth. The towering skyscrapers cast long shadows, creating an eerie ambiance. Emily was vigilant, knowing that danger lurked around every corner.

Emily's eyes darted around the battlefield, searching for any sign of the next wave of enemies. She knew they were coming. The scent of burnt metal hung in the air, mingling with the sharp tang of ozone. The clanking of gears and the whirring of engines echoed through the ruined streets of the city.

With a flicker of her wrist, Emily activated Shadow Blade's beam saber. The brilliant crimson blade hummed to life, casting a flickering light across the wreckage-strewn battlefield. Her eyes narrowed as she caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of her eye. She turned just in time to see a trio of rival mechs barreling towards her, their weapons hot and ready.

Emily braced herself as the mechs closed in. The sound of metal clashing against metal echoed through the streets as the rival mechs attacked. Emily dodged and weaved, her movements graceful and fluid as she deflected blows with her beam saber. The sound of metal screeching sent chills down her spine as she fought with everything she had.

Sparks flew as the enemy mechs' weapons clashed against Shadow Blade's armor, and Emily grunted as she felt the impact rattle her cockpit. She gritted her teeth, pushing Shadow Blade forward and unleashing a devastating attack. The beam saber slashed through the air, carving a bright, fiery path.

One of the rival mechs fell to the ground, smoke and flames erupting from its twisted metal hull. Emily spun around, her beam saber a blur of motion as she cut down another rival mech. The final mech retreated, its engines whining as it tried to escape. But Emily was too quick. With a fierce determination, she chased after the retreating mech, the beam saber carving a deadly arc through the air.

Shadow Blade emerged victorious, its hull bearing the scars of combat. The rival mechs lay defeated in a heap of wreckage, evidence of Emily's skill and the might of her mech.

As the dust settled, Emily knew the fight was far from over. The enemy gang, unwilling to accept defeat, had reinforcements waiting. She had to keep moving, seeking out the next battleground before they could regroup.

In the heart of the city center, the battle unfolded amidst a labyrinth of towering skyscrapers and narrow streets. Emily expertly piloted Shadow Blade through the urban maze, her every instinct heightened. Neon lights flickered above, casting a kaleidoscope of colors that danced across the rain-soaked pavement.

The enemy mechs, formidable adversaries armed to the teeth, emerged from the shadows with malicious intent. A cacophony of whirring servos and electrical hums filled the air as they unleashed a relentless onslaught of missiles and lasers. The sky crackled with fiery streaks of red, green, and blue, illuminating the darkened cityscape in a symphony of destructive chaos.

Emily's focus sharpened as she deftly maneuvered Shadow Blade through the onslaught, narrowly dodging incoming projectiles. The thunderous impact of explosions reverberated through the concrete canyons, sending shockwaves that rattled windows and shattered glass. Smoke billowed through the streets, shrouding the battlefield in an ethereal haze.

With each evasive maneuver, Emily calculated her next move, seeking an opportunity to strike back. Her hands gripped the controls with a steely resolve as she weaved through the labyrinthine streets, utilizing every inch of her surroundings to her advantage. The vibrant neon signs reflected off Shadow Blade's sleek armor, casting a vibrant glow that painted the city in an otherworldly light.

As the enemy mechs closed in, Emily unleashed a burst of speed, her thrusters igniting with a brilliant blaze of orange. She zigzagged through the narrow alleyways, a blur of motion that defied the laws of gravity. Bolts of energy whizzed past her, illuminating the darkened corners with a fiery glow. The city became a mesmerizing tapestry of illuminated destruction.

Shadow Blade retaliated with lethal precision, its arm-mounted laser unleashing searing beams that sliced through the air. The mechs' armor glowed white-hot under the onslaught, their metallic frames yielding to the sheer force of Shadow Blade's assault. The clash of metal against metal reverberated through the city, an echoing symphony of power and destruction.

Emily's senses were attuned to every detail, her eyes scanning the chaotic battleground for any advantage. Her mind raced with strategies as she swiftly evaded a barrage of missiles, their trails crimson and emerald.

Emily showcased her mastery of Shadow Blade's agility, defying gravity as she weaved through the onslaught of attacks.

The narrow streets became her advantage, limiting the enemy's mobility while allowing her to strike with calculated precision. Her beam saber sliced through their armor plating.

However, the gang's new recruits proved to be more formidable adversaries. They possessed cunning tactics and a ruthlessness that tested Emily's resolve. With each passing moment, the battle grew more intense, the cityscape transforming into a battlefield scarred by explosions and billowing smoke.

Emily refused to falter. Drawing upon her training and sheer determination, she engaged the enemy mechs with unwavering focus. Shadow Blade's assault turned the tide, as one by one, the enemy mechs fell to the ground, their defeat resonating through the streets.

From a distance, Shadow Blade's hyper-focused lenses spotted the remaining enemy mechs entering what looked like a large facility. Emily immediately pushed Shadow Blade to pursue. 

The outskirts of the city unveiled a desolate landscape, where the remnants of an abandoned industrial complex stood like a graveyard of forgotten dreams.

Emily's heart pounded within her chest as she led Shadow Blade through the rusted gates, the metallic screech echoing through the eerie silence. She knew that the final confrontation awaited her, and it would be the most perilous yet.

As she ventured deeper into the decaying complex, the air grew heavy with an acrid scent of decay and rust. Shadows danced along the cracked concrete walls, casting eerie silhouettes that seemed to taunt her resolve. Emily's gaze fixated on a colossal figure emerging from the darkness, the rival gang's leader at the helm of a hulking mech, its sheer size brimming with destructive capabilities.

The rival leader's mech loomed like an ancient titan, its hull adorned with scars of past battles. Its menacing frame pulsed with a malevolent energy, exuding an aura of power and danger. Emily's eyes narrowed, her hands tightening around the controls, as she steeled herself for the ultimate showdown.

A flicker of crimson warning lights bathed the desolate arena in an ominous glow as the rival leader unleashed a barrage of rockets, the skies igniting with fiery trails of orange and black. The ground trembled beneath the weight of each explosive impact, the crumbling facility vibrating in response. Dust and debris filled the air, swirling like a macabre dance, shrouding the battlefield in a haze of obscurity.

Emily's heart pounded within her chest as she deftly maneuvered Shadow Blade, her movements mirroring a graceful predator stalking its prey. Her senses were heightened, attuned to every nuance of the battle. The clash of metal on metal reverberated through the air, the screeching of strained servos harmonizing with the echoes of the building.

Shadow Blade's turbines roared to life, propelling Emily through the rubble-laden terrain with astonishing speed. Her focus was unwavering as she evaded the rival leader's devastating strikes, each miss bringing forth a flurry of sparks and explosive bursts. The atmosphere crackled with tension, tinged with the electric blue of charged energy and the fiery red of retribution.

In a mesmerizing display of skill, Emily retaliated, her arm-mounted laser blazing with intense brightness. The searing beams cut through the gloom, painting trails of vibrant blue and white across the battlefield. The rival leader's armor groaned under the onslaught, pockmarked with glowing scars that bore witness to Shadow Blade's might.

The abandoned industrial complex echoed with the symphony of battle—a symphony conducted by the clash of titanic mechs. The rhythmic pounding of fist on metal, the sizzle of discharged energy, and the guttural growls of strained engines merged into a crescendo of chaotic harmony. Each impact reverberated through the corroded structures, threatening to bring them crashing down.

Emily's brow furrowed with resolution as she surveyed her readouts, seeking a chink in the rival leader's formidable armor. Her mind raced with possibilities, her eyes darting between exposed joints and vulnerable appendages.


With a surge of adrenaline coursing through her veins, Emily seized the opportunity. Shadow Blade lunged forward, its beam saber slashing with unparalleled precision. The blinding arc of incandescent energy sliced through the rival leader's torso, unleashing a torrent of sparks and molten shrapnel. The echoes of destruction reverberated through the desolate complex, drowning out all other sounds.

And then, in a cataclysmic explosion, the rival leader's mech crumbled into a heap of twisted wreckage, consumed by its own demise. Silence descended upon the battlefield, broken only by crackling embers and the faint hum of Shadow Blade's systems.

Emily emerged from her cockpit, her body trembling with a mixture of exhaustion and triumph. The abandoned industrial complex, once a symbol of prosperity, now stood as a testament to the power and devastation of the battle that had unfolded within its crumbling walls.

As the dust settled and the sun peeked through the clouds, casting a golden glow upon the wreckage, Emily surveyed the scene. She had emerged victorious, but victory came at a cost. The scars of battle etched upon Shadow Blade's frame mirrored the toll it had taken on her spirit. The weight of the conflict settled upon her shoulders, a reminder of the sacrifices made in the pursuit of peace.

But amidst the destruction, there was also a glimmer of hope. The rival gang's hold on the city had been shattered, their power broken by the unwavering determination of Emily and her indomitable mech. The city's residents would no longer live under the shadow of fear and oppression.

As Emily returned to the city's heart, the once-maze of labyrinthine streets and towering skyscrapers now basked in a renewed sense of tranquility. The vibrant colors of life began to seep back into the urban tapestry. The city, scarred yet resilient, stood as a reflection of it's citizens' strength.

Emily knew that her battles were not yet over. The road ahead would be fraught with challenges, both seen and unseen. But she had proven her mettle as a pilot, as a guardian of the city. With every triumph and every scar earned, she grew stronger, more resolute.

And as the city began to rebuild, its citizens found solace in the knowledge that the shadows of their past had been vanquished. They looked to the sky, knowing that whenever darkness threatened to descend upon them, Shadow Blade and its fearless pilot, Emily, would rise to meet the challenge.

For in the heart of their champion's mech, a flicker of hope burned eternal—a beacon of light that would guide them through the darkest of times. And with each step forward, they would continue to fight, to protect, and to reclaim their city's future, one victory at a time. You can buy the Shadow Blade mech brick set now, quickly and conveniently, by using this direct checkout link. 


Product Specifications:

  • Pieces: 489
  • Size: Standard 
  • Shipping Time: 2-4 Weeks
  • Packaging: No Box
  • Instructions: Paper Instructions Included
  • Age: 12+