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"Shadow Blade" Super Battle Mech Brick Set (489 Pcs + Instructions)


As the pilot of Shadow Blade, Emily was the deadliest of the four mech pilots. She had always been drawn to the power and grace of the beam saber, and under her control, it was an unstoppable weapon. Shadow Blade was her perfect weapon and also had an arm-mounted laser that allowed her to take out enemy tanks and heavy artillery from a distance.

As the battle raged on, Emily noticed something strange happening with Shadow Blade's systems. A flicker of light on her dashboard caught her attention, and she realized that her mech had an unexpected ability - stealth mode. With a flick of a switch, Shadow Blade disappeared from enemy radars and visual sensors, becoming virtually invisible.

Emily was ecstatic. She could now move through enemy lines undetected, taking out key targets with her beam saber and laser. With Shadow Blade's stealth mode, Emily and the other pilots were able to infiltrate enemy positions and gather critical intel, allowing their own military to plan more effective counterattacks.

As the battle progressed, Emily noticed that Shadow Blade's systems were starting to fail. She knew that if she didn't act fast, the mech would be lost. With no time to spare, Emily made a split-second decision to use Shadow Blade's last remaining power to launch herself into the air, hovering above the battlefield with the help of the mech's booster pack.

From her new vantage point, Emily saw the enemy's main battle station - the source of their power and the key to their defeat. With the flicker of a button, she sent Shadow Blade hurtling towards the station, laser firing at full power.

The explosion was massive, sending shockwaves across the battlefield. When the smoke cleared, Emily emerged victorious, Shadow Blade's beam saber still humming with energy. The other mechs had watched in awe as she destroyed the enemy's stronghold, the turning point in the battle.

As the mechs and their military unit pushed back the enemy, Emily realized that her piloting skills and the power of Shadow Blade had saved the day. But she also knew that the cost of war was high, and that the psychological toll on her and her fellow pilots would be great.

But for now, they stood victorious, having defended their country and its people with honor and bravery. Emily smiled, knowing that Shadow Blade had played a critical role in their success, and that she had lived up to the name of the super battle mech - a true shadow in the darkness, striking with deadly precision.

  • Pieces: 489
  • Size: Standard (Lego Compatible)
  • Shipping Time: 2-4 Weeks
  • Packaging: No Box
  • Instructions: Paper Instructions Included
  • Age: 12+