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"Starbound" Space Fleet 8+1-in-1 Mini Model Series (941 Pieces)



Series 1: War and Unity

Eight space ships from eight different worlds faced off in an intergalactic battle that would decide the fate of the galaxy. Each captain doing everything they can to explore, gain wealth, and destroy. 

Part 1: Epiloge

The first ship is the "Galactic Voyager," piloted by a race of humanoid aliens from a planet called Xerxes. They are an ancient race, wise and peaceful, but they have been pushed into the war by the aggression of other species. They fight to defend their homeworld and their way of life.

The second ship is the "Red Comet," flown by a tribe of ferocious reptilian creatures from the planet Zorgon. They are known for their fiery tempers and their unrelenting pursuit of victory. They joined the war for the thrill of battle and the spoils of victory.

The third ship is the "Star Seeker," manned by a race of cyborgs from the planet Nexus. They are a cold and calculating species, driven by the desire to expand their knowledge and their technological prowess. They joined the war to study the combat tactics of other races and to test their own weapons systems.

The fourth ship is the "Thunderbolt," commanded by a group of humanoid warriors from the planet Galactia. They are a noble and honorable people, with a deep sense of duty and loyalty. They fight to protect their allies and to uphold the principles of justice and freedom.

The fifth ship is the "Nova Cruiser," flown by a group of gelatinous blobs from the planet Oozar. They are a quirky and eccentric species, with a love for all things bright and shiny. They joined the war to acquire new and exotic treasures for their collection.

The sixth ship is the "Dark Star," piloted by a mysterious race of shapeshifters from the planet Eclipsia. They are a secretive and enigmatic people, with a hidden agenda that no one knows. They joined the war to further their own unknown purposes, whatever they may be.

The seventh ship is the "Cosmic Blade," manned by a race of spacefaring pirates from the planet Maraudon. They are a rowdy and boisterous bunch, with a love for adventure and a thirst for plunder. They joined the war to raid the spoils of war and to leave chaos in their wake.

The eighth and final ship is the "Aurora," commanded by a coalition of sentient robots from the planet Cybros. They are a logical and efficient species, with a desire to eliminate all organic life and create a machine-dominated utopia. They joined the war to eradicate their enemies and to establish a new order in the galaxy.

Part 2: Faceoff 

The eight ships faced off, their energy weapons primed and ready for battle. The Galactic Voyager, piloted by the Xerxes aliens, fired off a beam of pure light energy that illuminated the darkness of space, striking the Red Comet, Zorgon's ship. The Red Comet retaliated with a burst of flaming plasma, the scorching heat of which overwhelmed the energy shield of the Galactic Voyager. The Galactians aboard the Thunderbolt, an enormous spaceship armed with a pair of ion cannons, managed to absorb the plasma and channel its energy back at the Red Comet, resulting in a colossal explosion that left the Zorgon ship in flames.

As the battle raged on, the Star Seeker, the Nexus ship, observed the chaos around it with detached interest, firing off plasma missiles that glowed with an otherworldly, blue energy. Their targets were unpredictable, and the damage caused by their weapon was completely random. The Cosmic Blade, piloted by the Marauders, responded with a series of laser bursts, which were less powerful, but more accurate. The Marauders managed to score a few hits, but the robotic Aurora, Cybros' ship, managed to deflect most of the energy using an advanced magnetic shield.

The Dark Star, Eclipsia's vessel, was the most unpredictable of all, as it could change its shape and appearance, sometimes appearing as an asteroid or a gas cloud, before reappearing as a fully functional starship. The Dark Star's energy weapon was even more mysterious, as it could release an electromagnetic pulse that disrupted the systems of other ships, causing them to malfunction. The Nova Cruiser, Oozar's ship, responded with a beam of pure kinetic energy, which was generated by compressing and releasing a concentrated mass of the gelatinous substance that made up their bodies. The Nova Cruiser's weapon was strong enough to penetrate the Dark Star's shields, causing significant damage to the shapeshifting vessel.

As the battle progressed, it became clear that no ship was invincible, and no race unbeatable. The Galactic Voyager was still holding strong, but the Red Comet had lost their first officer, leaving the Zorgon warriors battered. The Star Seeker was still launching random attacks, but the Marauders had managed to avoid most of the damage, and were now closing in on the Nexus ship. The Thunderbolt was dealing heavy blows to the Cosmic Blade, but the Cybros' Aurora was proving to be a difficult target, with its powerful shields. The Dark Star was still lurking in the shadows, but the Nova Cruiser's kinetic energy beams were getting closer and closer, gradually wearing the Eclipsians down.

Just when it seemed that the battle was reaching a climax, a new threat emerged from the depths of space. It was a massive, ancient spaceship, ten times larger than any of the eight vessels. It glowed with a strange, purple energy, and it seemed to be heading straight for the heart of the battle. The eight ships paused their combat, taking a step back as the massive spaceship passed them by, slowly, almost majestically.

Then, without warning, the ancient ship unleashed a shockwave of pure energy, which engulfed all eight vessels in its wake. For a moment, the ships were caught in a state of chaos, their systems malfunctioning, their energy weapons failing. And then, just as suddenly as it had begun, the shockwave disappeared, leaving the eight ships in its wake, drifting through space, helpless.

As the ships struggled to recover, they realized that the ancient spaceship had disappeared. They had no idea where it came from, or why it had attacked them.

Part 3: Convergence

They knew that they had to put aside their differences and work together to survive. With their ships damaged and their weapons in need of repair, the eight crews agreed to a temporary truce. They formed a defensive circle, ready to face any new threat that might come their way.

Just as they were about to make their next move, a bright light appeared in the distance. It was the ancient spaceship, returning for another attack. The eight ships quickly regrouped, each using their unique energy weapon to fire upon the massive vessel.

The Galactic Voyager unleashed a barrage of light energy, blinding the ship's sensors. The Red Comet, still burning from its earlier defeat, managed to land a direct hit with a fiery plasma blast. The Thunderbolt's ion cannons weakened the shields, while the Star Seeker's unpredictable plasma missiles caused the ship's engines to malfunction. The Cosmic Blade's laser bursts targeted the enemy's weapons, while the Aurora's sensors fed battle data about the enemy to the other 7 ships.

The Dark Star shifted its shape into a massive asteroid, intending to smash into the ancient vessel while the Nova Cruiser's kinetic energy beams rained blows on the massive ship. Just when it seemed like the ancient ship was about to be defeated, it disappeared once again.

The crews of the eight ships were left with a sense of unease. They had won the battle, but they had no idea who their enemy was, or why they had attacked. With their ships in need of repair, and their energy weapons depleted, they had no choice but to return home and prepare for whatever might come next.

As they made their way back through the vast expanse of space, the crews couldn't help but wonder what other surprises lay in store for them. But one thing was certain - they had fought together as one, and had emerged victorious. The eight ships that had once been enemies had become friends, united in their quest for survival in a dangerous universe.

Epilogue: A United Front

As the ancient ship vanished into the depths of space, the eight crews were left with a sense of defeat. They had fought valiantly, each ship showcasing its unique and awe-inspiring capabilities, but it was not enough. The enemy had escaped once again.

Yet, amidst the despair, a new sense of hope emerged. The eight crews had come together in a way that they had never thought possible. They had put aside their differences and worked towards a common goal, facing the enemy as one united front. They knew that this was just the beginning, that there were other threats lurking in the vast expanse of space.

The crews of the eight ships made a solemn vow to each other - to continue fighting together, to protect their united space from all outside threats. They agreed to form a new coalition, one that would be stronger and more formidable than ever before.

With renewed determination and a newfound sense of purpose, the eight ships set off towards the horizon.

What was the ancient ship?

The ancient spaceship is called Omega's Reign and belongs to a race known as the Celestials, who mastered space flight technology centuries earlier than any other known civilization. They are a highly advanced and peaceful race, traveling the galaxy to influence other races and changing the course of history for the better. Their incredible energy source allows them to travel faster-than-light and harness the power of stars for their technological needs.

The Celestials developed space travel technology early on in their history, driven by their desire to explore the universe and connect with other intelligent life forms. They believe in using their advanced knowledge and technology to improve the lives of others, and have been instrumental in uplifting several primitive civilizations throughout the galaxy.

The ship's shockwave emitter and cloaking device are just a few examples of the Celestials' incredible technological advancements. The ship's origin and purpose remain a mystery to most, but it is believed that the Celestials use it to study the galaxy and protect it from any threats that may arise.

Encountering the Omega's Reign is a rare and awe-inspiring experience, and their influence has left a profound impact on the galaxy. 

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Product Specifications:

  • Pieces: 941
  • Size: Standard 
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  • Age: 12+