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"Warlord" Minifigure Compatible Mech Brick Model (321 Pcs + PDF Instructions)


"Warlord" Minifigure Compatible Mech Brick Model

The Warlord was once a towering yellow construction mech, built to withstand the most intense environments, until a fateful battle changed everything. Its human operator, a young engineer named Ari, had been drafted into the war and tasked with operating the Warlord in the most dangerous conflicts.

In the midst of one particularly grueling battle, the Warlord was ambushed by an enemy battalion. Its cannon was damaged and its machine gun jammed, leaving Ari defenseless against the onslaught of enemy mechs. With no other option, she made a daring move and used the Warlord's powerful arms to engage the enemy at close range.

As she fought, Ari realized that the Warlord was more agile and powerful than she had ever imagined. It could slice through enemy armor with its bladed arms, hurl grenades with deadly accuracy, and dodge incoming fire with lightning-fast reflexes. With renewed vigor, she fought back against the enemy, unleashing the full power of the Warlord.

But the battle took a terrible toll on both Ari and the Warlord. The mech sustained heavy damage, and Ari was badly injured. As she lay on the ground, she realized that the Warlord had become more than just a machine to her. It was a symbol of hope and a powerful ally in the fight for freedom.

Determined to save her mech, Ari poured all her skills and knowledge into repairing and upgrading it. She added new features like a modular beam cannon that could switch between long-range and close-combat modes, and reinforced the armor with rare metals that could withstand even the most powerful enemy attacks.

Now, the Warlord stands as a testament to Ari's courage and ingenuity. With its bright yellow armor shining in the sun, it cuts a striking figure on the battlefield. Its roar can be heard from miles away as it charges into battle, its blades and guns at the ready.

In every battle, the Warlord fights with the same fierce determination that Ari showed when she saved it from destruction. Its enemies know that they are facing not just a machine, but a warrior imbued with the spirit of its operator. And as long as there are battles to be fought, the Warlord will be there, standing tall and ready to defend the cause of freedom. You can buy the Warlord mech brick set now, quickly and conveniently, by using this direct checkout link. 


Product Specifications:

  • Pieces: 321
  • Size: Standard 
  • Shipping Time: 2-4 Weeks
  • Packaging: No Box
  • Instructions: PDF manual
  • Age: 12+